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[公告] ICDHS 12 Zagreb 2020,徵稿期間為6月17日-10月21日
公告日期:2019-06-13 09:16:04

ICDHS年會將於2020年的十月份在Zagreb, Croatia舉行,

June 17 -  October 21為徵稿期間,



ICDHS 12 Zagreb 2020

Lessons to Learn? Past Design Experiences and Contemporary Design Practices

ICDHS is the acronym of the International Committee for Design History and Design Studies. It is formed by scholars from Spain, Cuba, Turkey, México, Finland, Estonia, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, the USA, Taiwan, Canada, Croatia, and the UK.

Since 1999, when the Design & Art History Departments of the University of Barcelona organised the first edition of the ICDHS, a conference has – with one exception – been organised every two years, moving to new venues across the world with two distinct aims: firstly, to discover original research activities, achievements and agendas in the fields of Design History and Design Studies; and, secondly, to include contributions coming from non-hegemonic countries active in these fields, thereby offering a speaking platform to many scientific communities that could be already active or in the process of being formed and maturing. For that reason, the ICDHS conferences are structured combining many parallel strands, including keynote speakers drawn from a range of relevant disciplines and related fields who will lecture in response to the Conference main theme.

In keeping with the enduring aims and objectives of the ICDHS, the theme of the 12th ICDHS Conference "LESSONS TO LEARN? Past design experiences and contemporary design practices", approaches design from two principal perspectives that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s: the research-informed yet still comparatively young academic discipline of design history and the design process-focused field of design studies. The former draws on an increasingly rich and complex body of knowledge, invigorated by other relevant disciplines such as cultural, social, economic, political and other forms of history as well as other disciplinary fields such as social anthropology, ethnography, human geography or semiotics. The latter, design studies, is focused on an informed, critical and analytical understanding of design processes, production, function, consumption and theory, supported by a growing body of knowledge, interpretation, research, publication and pedagogy.

The ICDHS 12th Conference will be held from 16 – 18 October 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia. 

ICDHS 12th conference strands are as follows:
1.      Politics and Design: Past, Present, Future 
2.      The Social Impact of Design
3.      Technology-Focused Design
4.      Cultural Roles of Design Practice
5.      Challenging Orthodoxies: Design History and Design Studies
6.      Open strand: Research in Emerging Directions: Ideas, Theoretical Frameworks and Case Studies.


Website for ICDHS 12 Zagreb 2020:  http://icdhs.dev.perpetuum.hr/