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"SOUNDMATE 是一組為分隔兩地生活的家人、情侶或朋友設計的成對產品。透過程式運算將生活環境的聲音轉換為動態的數位視覺圖像,並呈現在對方的顯示螢幕上,藉由分享彼此聲景與傳遞聲音的實體互動,以遠端、低調的方式形成兩人關懷陪伴的連結。 SOUNDMATE is specially designed for couples or families who are not able to see each other every day. The sound from their living spaces would be converted to real-time audio visualization displaying on the screen through programming. By sharing the visualization and sending voice messages with the microphone, SOUNDMATE provides a remote and privacy-keeping way to maintain the relationship between you and your significant other."